Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cut Me Some Slack

Guidelines for shopping in the sales:
1. If you didn't need it before the discount, you probably don't need it now.
2. Leave nagging children/partners/friends at home.
3. Avoid anything that requires you to grow or shrink in order to wear it.

If following rules isn't your thing, London Fitting Rooms will help. The skilled tailors (a guarded fashion industry secret) won't refund impulse buys but they will perform alterations on clothes of any shape and size.

The team specializes in designer labels and are particularly good with hand-worked details like sequins, beading and intricate embellishments. Alternatively, they'll give dated clothes a modern makeover, should you need to rediscover and recycle some wardrobe skulkers in credit-crunched times.

Visit them in their North London studio or have them come to your home or office.

Whatever fits the bill.

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